Walking in Paradise (Melanes – Potamia)

  • Price: 25 euro per person
  • Every Wednesday and Sunday
  • No of participants: 8 pax Max. 20 pax
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Language provided: Greek, English, French
  • Transportation: Bus transfer upon departure and return to town
    • Starting time: 08:05 hrs
    • Ending time: 12:30 hrs

Hiking on Naxos means contact with Nature and History, in the fertile valley of Melanes – Potamia At the area of Flerio – Melanes the route passes by the archaeological site of the ancient aqueduct, a major engineering project in several historical phases, carrying water to Naxos town. The route continues through the ancient marble quarries and the visitors are driven in the area where an unfinished statue of Kouros is abandoned by the ancient quarrymen.The hiking continues on a marble path through the pastures of the region. It leads to the village of Potamia, a cluster of villages nested in a valley full of trees and orchards .Walkers follow the green stone path next to the river from the Upper to the Middle Potamia, where the tour is completed.

agios georgios   Melanes kouros_melanes2 potamia

potamia 1 agios mamas